Download Save Snapchat videos, stories and pics with AZ screen recorder

Save Snapchat videos:

AZ screen recorder is app which helps you to save the snap stories and pics. It is supported by both android and iOS. Snapchat is having the privacy policy and it won’t allow you to save the videos and pictures of anyone without knowing them. Snapchat is a secured app. As we all are aware of the thing that we cannot save directly the videos and pictures, so we to take help of the other apps to do so. To get anything from sender in snapchat you have to pay, and after paying also you can watch the videos and stories again and again but you can’t download them. It is better to download the stuff and watch it later whenever we get free.

We will here provide you the guideline about the apps which you can have in your device to get the snap stories downloaded in your phone. Follow the guideline to get the apps.

Apps to save Snapstories:

  • AZ screen recorder.
  • Snapchat saver.
  • Snapbox.

AZ screen recorder:

AZ screen recorder is a recorder app for android users. Following are the steps to get the app.

  • Download the AZ screen recorder app from Google play store.
  • Launch the app and start recording from the settings.
  • Go to snapchat and play the video.
  • Wait until the video gets over.
  • Now go to the recording app again.
  • Stop the recording and save the video.

Above are the simple steps to record the snap videos, follow them to save the videos. Transfer the videos to PC and cut the unwanted parts of video, or the other option is that you can get the paid version of AZ screen recorder.

Snapchat Saver:

You can have this another app also to save the snap stories, it is designed for snapchat only. This app will save your messages with images and videos. This app will save the entire story. It is mandatory that saving process should be done before you open the snapchat.


Snapbox is the app designed for iOS users to save the snap stories. With help of this app you can save the stuff from snapchat and keep it forever. You just have to do is that get this app from your app store, launch the app and go to snapchat when you will receive any message it will be directly saved in the SnapBox. If you load the pics and open it the sender will come to know that you have saved their pics or stories.


As we all are aware of the thing that snapchat is a secured platform, without knowing from the sender you cannot save their stories. So just once confirm with your friend about saving their images and videos. Don’t misuse the app.

Above mentioned are some of the apps which will help you to save the snap stories. Follow the mentioned steps to get the app. We hope so you are clear with all the information given to you about apps. Just don’t misuse the app. Share your valuable feedback and suggestions in below comment box. Thank you for visiting us, keep visiting, have a great day ahead.

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